Captivating Carpentry: Crafting a Brand Identity for Hank’s of Burton

In the heart of Burton-upon-Trent, where tradition meets meticulous design, lies the workshop of Hanks of Burton, a skilled carpenter and furniture designer. Tasked with creating a brand identity that reflects their dedication to quality craftsmanship and contemporary design sensibilities, we embarked on a collaborative journey to translate Hank’s of Burton’s vision into a cohesive visual language.

As a start up business, I needed something that would help me stand out from the crowd and catch the imagination of potential customers. Kevin shared his expertise on the value of brand identity within the competitive trade industry, and created a truly eye-catching logo for my venture. He designed with originality, avoiding the cliché designs that many competitors used, and delivered a recognisable and trust-worthy face for my business to build upon.

Craig GouldOwner